Yellowknife RCMP are looking into a discharged can of bear spray at a local apartment building.

On Sunday, police were called to the 52nd Street building after receiving reports of a broken window. RCMP members found an empty can of bear spray in front of the building. Police members opened a nearby side door and discovered the can had been discharged in the ground floor hallway. A few residents came into contact with the spray and were then evacuated.

Three people were arrested. One woman is facing charges. Brittany Ann Beaulieu, 32, has been charged with:

  • Assault With Weapon
  • Mischief equal to or under $5,000 – Damage to, or Obstruct enjoyment of property
  • Uttering Threats to Property
  • Common Nuisance – endanger the comfort of the public

The other two people arrested, a man and woman, are known to police. The RCMP says they are still looking into the investigation.