Six educators from across the territory were inducted into the NWT Education Hall of Fame in a special ceremony at the legislative assembly this morning.

Two of them were from Yellowknife.

The first was Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (YK1)’s  French Programs Supervisor Jean-Marie Mariez.

YK1’s  French Programs Supervisor Jean-Marie Mariez receiving the award from Minister of Education, Culture and Employment Caroline Cochrane.

Mariez helped lead a project analyzing the successes and gaps in delivering the French Immersion and Core French programs

Mariez’s work resulted in twenty per cent of the YK1 student population being enrolled in French Immersion, as well as an extensive after school program that encompasses physical fitness, art, traditional sports, dance and the homework club.

“J’ai toujours souhaité devenir enseignant,” said Mariez.

“To educate children drives my life,” Mariez said, and thanked

The second was Gerard Landry, an English teacher at École St. Patrick School in Yellowknife.

Gerard Landry, an English teacher at École St. Patrick School in Yellowknife was inducted into the NWT Education Hall of Fame today.

“When I look at being an English teacher, and the opportunities I’ve had to share with students, I know that when we are conversing and we’re having authentic relationships, something special happens,” said Landry.

When he’s honest with his students, they see him as more than just a teacher, Landry said.

“So I find out things like, a student who’s never submitted any assignment that he’s chopping wood for this elderly neighbour. I also find out from some students what life was like living in the shadows of their father’s alcoholism,” Landry said.

When those moments happen said Landry, his role as a teacher is about a lot more than writing.