The toxic Giant Mine closed nearly twenty years ago, but the clean-up isn’t expected to begin until 2020.

In 2007, the Giant Mine Remediation Project team applied for a Type A Water Licence for its remediation plan in 2007, but due to public concern, the plan was referred to environmental assessment.

In 2013 the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board issued a report with 26 measures for the project team to address in order to re-apply for a water licence.

The project team has revised the plan and expects to re-submit that application to the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board sometime in 2019.

Once the licence is obtained, contractor Parsons will begin the actual remediation in 2020.

The site is currently in a care and maintenance phase until they get that water license to proceed with remediation.

Yellowknife media were invited on a tour of the mine last week to see what that care and maintenance looks like.

Scroll through the gallery above to take a tour around Giant Mine.