Residents and tourists will now be able to safely stop to enjoy winter activities as a vehicle pull-out alongside the Dettah ice road has been completed for the 2019/2020 ice road season.

Construction of the new pull-out started in January and is located about halfway along the 6.3-kilometre ice road between Dettah and Yellowknife.

Layout of the vehicle pull-out alongside the Dettah ice road. Courtesy of GNWT/GTNO Infrastructure Twitter.









The GNWT told the Moose they made a commitment to building a pull-out that will benefit residents and tourists by allowing them to now safely stop to enjoy winter activities, such as aurora borealis viewing, rather than stopping on the ice road.

Due to weight restrictions, a maximum of four buses are permitted to use the pull-out at any one time according to the GNWT.

“There are no restrictions on the number of small vehicles that can use the pull-out area. The GNWT will continue to invest in the territorial highway system to improve road safety.”

Drivers are asked to obey the posted signs and dispose of any litter appropriately.