Candidates across the Northwest Territories including Territorial and Federal, are being asked to state positions on various issues of importance to community governments in the NWT.

The Northwest Territories Association of Communities (NWTAC) has posed a series of questions to candidates for both the Legislative Assembly Territorial election on October 1 and the upcoming Federal election on October 21.

These questions range from the crippling funding shortage faced by Northwest Territories communities each year (totaling $40 million annually) to the lack of affordable housing, homelessness and addictions, to telecommunications, education deficiency and cannabis revenues.

The questionnaires, along with the Priorities Platform developed by the NWTAC, was sent by e-mail to all candidates. Their responses will be available on the NWTAC website at

Through these responses, voters will gain a clear perception of how community issues rank in the
priorities of MLA and Federal candidates.

The NWTAC encourages all constituents of the Northwest Territories to vote in the upcoming Territorial and Federal elections and use their votes to speak up for their communities.

The NWT Association of Communities was formed in 1966 to represent the interests of municipal governments in the Northwest Territories. It is the non-governmental organization providing a forum and unified voice for the public service aspirations of its members.