Overlooking the airport, this Bristol freighter, once operated by Wardair, became the first-ever plane to land at the North Pole in 1967. Now, this Bristol Type 170 Freighter sits on a pedestal in Yellowknife defaced with graffiti.

Arthur C. Green/The Moose 100.1 FM

This particular aircraft, piloted by Bruce D. Allcorn, was the first wheeled plane to land at the North Pole in May 1967. The wheels now are tagged with slogans written in spraypaint which have no place in its history.

Alison Harrower is the Communications & Economic Development Officer with the City of Yellowknife.

“The Bristol Monument will be repainted as weather permits,” Harrower said. “Discussions are in progress regarding how best to address the ongoing issue of vandalism to the Bristol Monument site.”

Arthur C. Green/The Moose 100.1 FM

It is a criminal offense to spray graffiti on public property or private property that you do not own or have permission to use. Graffiti crimes are very common offenses, especially in larger communities. While it may seem like a minor crime, being caught spraying graffiti can lead to some significant criminal consequences.

Arthur C. Green/The Moose 100.1 FM

The City of Yellowknife has tried to protect the integrity of the site in the past according to Harrower.

“In the past, a fence has been put in place,” Harrower said. “Yet this too became a target of vandalism.”

Arthur C. Green/The Moose 100.1 FM

Harrower told Moose News that ideas relating to local artists painting murals at the site are also being discussed by the City of Yellowknife.