The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, issued this statement today to mark the coming into effect of Phase 2 of the new Air Passenger Protection Regulations.

Arthur C. Green/100.1 The Moose

“As Canada’s Minister of Transport, I am pleased to see the second and final phase of the Air Passenger Protection Regulations come into effect on December 15. Air travellers will now have full rights when things don’t go as expected. With input from air travellers and the air industry, we have created a world-leading approach to air passenger rights that is clear, consistent, transparent and fair.

“Starting on December 15, airlines will be required to follow new regulations related to delays, cancellations and the seating of children near a parent or guardian. Full details will be available on the CTA’s website on December 15.”

“Phase 1 of the Air Passenger Protection Regulations, related to communication, tarmac delays, denied boarding, lost and damaged luggage, and transporting musical instruments, came into effect on July 15, 2019.

“These regulations will apply to all airlines flying to, from, and within Canada. They also take into account the realities of small and northern air carriers, as well as ultra-low-cost carriers, with requirements adjusted accordingly. Airlines will be required to follow these regulations or they could face penalties of up to $25,000 per infraction.

“Both air passengers and airlines deserve a consistent approach that allows passengers to be treated fairly while ensuring the industry remains strong and competitive. We believe these regulations achieve this important balance.

“I am also pleased to mark the coming into effect of amended Transportation Information Regulations on December 15. These regulations will allow Transport Canada to collect and publish air travel performance data, such as tarmac delays and overbookings, from airlines and other air service providers to measure the effectiveness of new Air Passenger Protection Regulations. This added level of transparency and more widely available information will allow travelers to make more informed choices and decisions to improve the passenger experience.”